FAQ: I have installed my replacement printer, but it will not print.

One of the most frequent issues that we encounter when supplying like-for-like replacement printers is customers having issues isolating the correct printer to use upon installation. When connecting a like-for-like printer to your computer, the computer will recognize it as a new device and in most cases will auto-install. However, upon installation, your original printer will still exist as a device on your system as well as the new printer. When installing a like-for-like replacement printer the newest printer will have the highest ‘copy’ number in it’s name. For example ‘Canon IP100 (Copy 3)’ Please follow the below procedure to remedy this issue:

Windows 10:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Devices’
  3. Select ‘Bluetooth and other devices’
  4. Select ‘Devices and printers’
  5. Check the printers section for your device making sure that you have the correct one selected. This can be proven by right clicking the device, going to ‘printer properties’ and pressing ‘print test page’. If the page prints, the correct printer has been selected.
  6. Once the correct printer is isolated, set it as your default printer
  7. If possible, delete any printers that are no longer available.

If you encounter this issue, the above instructions should remedy it. However, if this does not resolve your issue, please feel free to contact us.